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Are you searching for Best RTS (Real Time Strategy) Games for Android and iOS? You are in the perfect place. Today I am going to share with you about 'Best RTS Games for Android & iOS in 2019 | Real Time Strategy Games'. Download each game from the trusted and secure site/app store 100% Free.

Best RTS Games for Android & iOS | Real Time Strategy Games:

1. Dawn Of Titans: Epic War Strategy Game (Best RTS Games for Android 1)

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Believe me or not, you've never played an RTS game like this! Control COLOSSAL TITANS and a large number of warriors in dazzling 3D wars!
Catch enemy lands, develop your military, and come to battle on the grounds that in Dawn of Titans you either GO BIG or you GO HOME! 

Join your companions and fun on in the most huge ACTION-STRATEGY game on a smartphone!
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

-Console-Quality Graphics: Build your kingdom and battle foes in a dazzling 3D dreamland. 
-Dominate with Massive Titans: Equip goliath warriors with amazing apparatus and lead them into epic PvP fights. 
-Real-Time Battle Control: Go to war with a great many troops, all under your immediate control. 
-Nonstop Events and Campaigns: Remember to inquire about everyday missions, interesting efforts, and partnership occasions. 
-Forge an Unstoppable Alliance: Unite with companions to strategize continuously MMO talk and command different kingdoms. 
-Build the Ultimate Kingdom: Clash against the majority, to catch land and ascend the world positions.
Must Play This RTS Game.

2. Guardian Soul (Best RTS Games for Android 2)

It's a masterpiece RPG game that draws in gamers everywhere throughout the world by real-time strategy (RTS) and with the action of RPG.
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

Guardian Soul is the dream pretending interminable RTS game you had always wanted!

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for less distressing however additionally energizing RTS RPG game? Then this game is only for you.

At that point join the fantastic wars taken an interest by administrators all through the world! This new idea RTS RPG will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Uniquely created for the genuine devotees of free RPG recreations and Real Time Strategy games. 
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

The dream RPG drives you on a voyage loaded up with huge amounts of universes, beasts, adversaries, furthermore, unlimited dungeons.
– All with an outwardly great realistic graphic art. Peruse our interesting watchmen, pick your most loved and attempt to command without anyone else in an RTS RPG, or against different players on the world. 

3. DomiNations (Best RTS Games for Android 3)

'DomiNations' is an incredible strategy game that'll take you on an adventure from the Stone age to the Space age. It is one of my favorite best RTS game.
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

Battle nations from since the beginning in DomiNations! Fabricate your realm and direction nations as you influence them to develop from a little town to a flourishing city, and fight as one of the extraordinary civic establishments from the historical backdrop of the world.

Fabricate a nation, beginning as an early settlement and develop through the ages, from the beginning of history to the cutting edge period. Concentrate under history's greats at the University like Leonardo Da Vinci and Catherine the Great. Manufacture Wonders of the World and make innovation with generally exact progressions.
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

Look over eight nations and leave on noteworthy battles progressing through history. Every progress, from the Romans to the Japanese, has an uncommon quality and one of a kind units. Manufacture your military at that point test your notable may against different players in PvP battle, or frame collusions to vanquish the world together.

Manufacture your realm and set out on a chronicled voyage of victory! Download DomiNations today from the given link below!

4. World War 2: Real Time Strategy (Best RTS Games for Android 4)

In this game, you need to experience these troublesome days. In the game you will discover plenty of missions dependent on genuine fights, beginning with the fight for Dubno, finishing with the catch of Berlin!
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

You need to keep the German lightning war. Battle in the lanes of Stalingrad and in the fields of the Battle of Kursk.

A key component of this game is the capacity to control troops progressively, as in the exemplary strategies of the mid-2000s.
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

The game includes in excess of 100 sorts of military hardware, beginning with the unbelievable T-34 tank, finishing with the German substantial tank Tiger. For this situation, every unit has its very own extraordinary attributes. It is one of the best role-playing RTS game.

5. Total War Battles: Kingdoms (Best RTS Games for Android 5)

Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

Make your own kingdom. Shape the land, fabricate rambling towns and enroll and train an amazing armed force.

Vanquish new regions to grow your domain and annihilation match rulers and different players in epic constant fights.
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

-Build and extend your Kingdom, with ranches, quarries, metalworkers and the sky is the limit from there.
-Alter the land by making waterways, lakes, and mountains.
-Command your military in expansive scale fights.
-Battle different players progressively.
-From the makers of the honor winning Total War™ game.

6. Heroes of Order and Chaos (Best RTS Games for Android 6)

An exceptionally rich and addictive RTS game, with a stunning experience with friends or on your own.                                  

Collaborate and battle close by companions as you plan your strategy, fortify your Heroes, and wipe out each pinnacle and base that remains among you and triumph!

Experience quick paced constant fights through another UI that makes the game easier to deal with and all the more energizing to play.

For quite a long time, Sinskaald Rift, a puzzling district of Haradon, has been the battleground of unfading warriors known as the Heroes of Order and Chaos. Presently it's your swing to join their respected positions as the most amazing heroes in the domain!
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

-Choose from 57 interesting and fluctuated Heroes, from scuffle bruisers to obliterating wizards.
-Play for nothing with a consistently changing program of astounding Heroes.
- Develop your aptitudes and redesign gear to overwhelm your adversaries and win a triumph for your group!
-Real-time activity: Scout out the guide and bait enemies into a snare in the haze of war.
-Fight solo or in multiplayer mode on three unmistakable maps (3v3, 5v5, and Steampunk 5v5).
-Blends participation with pals and rivalry against adversaries for an addictive affair.
-Develop collaboration and clever procedures to administer the universe of Haradon.
-Master every one of the characters. And demonstrate it in Fun Mode, where anything can occur!
-Watch your companions fight it out live.
-Instantly hop to wherever the action is with the dynamic camera.
-Display targets, gold and other information on-screen; ideal for editorial and investigation recordings

7. Total Conquest (Best RTS Games for Android 7)

Total Conquest is an energizing and vital social game where you are a Roman governor building up your own city-state and armed force. In any case, with Caesar dead, there's no additionally playing games. You'll have to join an amazing Legion - or produce your own - to crush your enemies, ensure your territories, and rule. 
It is a genuine war technique game, one of Best RTS game.
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

-Build and deal with your own interesting city-state 
-Defend your city with Towers, Traps, Walls, Gates and garrisoned units 
-Hire, train and overhaul 10 distinctive unit types, each with an explicit job 
-Take on a testing solo battle to ace the craft of war games. 
-Battle players from around the globe and lead your military to triumph 
-Create or join a Legion of ground-breaking players and get fortifications from alternate individuals 
-Coordinate with your partners to win Legion Wars 
-Fight to expand your Legion positioning and gain extraordinary prizes 

8. Oil Rush (Best RTS Games for Android 8)

Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

Oil Rush is a 3D maritime technique (Naval) strategy game that happens in this present reality where atomic war has dissolved the ice tops, changing the substance of the planet for eternity. It highlights extraordinary interactivity concentrated on gathering control and worldwide scale choices. Plan a few stages ahead, as each and every swipe checks. 

Prepare to command a naval war between irate militaries making progress toward the final supplies of oil. Crush through onrushing influxes of foes while encountering an exciting story of end times, military innovation, and endless fights!

Demo Version: 

9. Samurai Siege (Best RTS Games for Android 9)

Samurai Siege is a fun multiplayer battle, highly addictive combat Strategy with adventure RTS game. Safeguard your town against swarms of adversary ninjas, samurai, and animals! Investigate an enchanted world as you fight through lavish backwoods, frigid mountains, and deserts. Battle different players from around the globe to catch plunder and take uncommon things. Or then again unite with different players to make the most incredible Alliance! Take up arms with different unions and compete to dominate the realm with your stunning mind tricks. 
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

-Epic ongoing methodology battle 
-Build your unassuming town into a relentless fortification 
-Recruit a multitude of Samurai, Ninjas, Battering Rams, and Eastern Monsters 
-Clash and Battle with different players on the web 
-Rid the universe of malicious as you traverse an immense world guide 
-Fight in numerous conditions: from lavish valleys to rough mountains 
-Create Alliances or Clans with different players 
-Alliance Wars! Pronounce war on opponent Alliances and go after significant prizes 
-Chat and offer fights with your group in Alliance Chat!

10. Mafia City (Best RTS games for Android 10)

The game 'Mafia City' is the best Live Strategy game and my favorite among all RTS games. This game is so cool and very addictive to play. Don,t miss it.
Best RTS Games, rts games 2019, top rts games, rts games pc

Genuine black market underworld strategy mobile game, play with a huge number of players worldwide.
Worldwide association, no shading, dialect or nationality contrasts and compete together to wind up the Godfather.

-Clan, loot, possess and upheavals among gangs, interests, and go after the respected seat of King of Mafias.
-Super no-nonsense, ultra tumultuous and hardcore mafia life. The battle for power and satisfy your 'Alpha' dream, you'll not be able to "quit" playing this awesome RTS game.
-3D HD Unity game engine, for an extreme gaming experience.
-Zooming highlight, 360-degrees multi-edge with the well-realistic picture, giving a close genuine augmented experience.
-Rule with siblings all over the place; Situate in the Coast, set go for the huge East and into the world, bring together the posse.
- Shooters are fit for employing a wide range of arms, from submachine firearms, rifles to gunnery and some more.
-Modified Vehicle should be possible from a minivan to a military Hummer. There's nothing you can't change, just what you can't imagine.

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