Top 7 MUST HAVE APPS for Pubg Mobile Lovers | Pubg Mobile Secrets

Do you want to know about top 7 must have Apps for PUBG Mobile lovers? If 'yes', then you are in the perfect place. Today I am going to share with you about 'top 7 must-have apps for PUBG Mobile lovers - best PUBG Mobile secrets'.
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Top 7 MUST HAVE APPS for Pubg Mobile Lovers | Pubg Mobile Secrets

If you are a real fan of PUBG Mobile game like me, you badly need these secret apps for PUBG Mobile.
These applications will enable you to get the best AIM and no aggravation while playing PUBG Mobile with magnificent god-like AIM with crosshair legend. These apps will make your gaming experience better than ever, without getting a ban.

Download these amazing secret applications for awesome PUBG gaming experience.

MUST HAVE APPS for Pubg Mobile Lovers - Pubg Mobile Secrets

  • #1: Crosshair Hero: Overlay Crosshair
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The app, Crosshair Hero, is a small-sized and lightweight tool that includes a crosshair in your screen. It is one of the best must have apps for Pubg Mobile players.

PUBG Mobile has its crosshair by default, but it is not bold enough and not that much clearly visible for you. If you set your own crosshair by using this app, you will get a better visible and bold crosshair. This will help you to become a close combat beast in the game, PUBG Mobile.

  • #2: PUBG GFX Tool (No Ban) 

I utilized a lot of gfx tools to make my game smoother and unlock HDR graphics with a high frame rate. They work alright yet not as much I expected but rather when I have seen a video on youtube about this application I feel let's try it out. But this application makes my game so smooth with HDR graphics I cannot even clarify. 

This app will let you unlock HDR graphics on any device, change resolution, unlock extreme frame rate, enable/disable shadow, enable/disable anti-aliasing, change the style of graphics and many more settings. 
I am using this app for more than 4 months, without any ban issue.

Download Link:

  • #3: FocusBot - Best PUBG Mobile Secret App

Among all these apps, this secret app, FocusBot is my personal favorite.

The world is loaded with intrusions and solicitations from other individuals who are asking for your consideration. You may receive lots of annoying messages and calls when you are playing your most favorite game PUBG Mobile and you lose focus and attention from the game, and finally, you are unable to get that yummy chicken dinner.
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Do not worry about this, FocusBot will help you get that yummy chicken dinner from the next time. What you have to do is just install the application and set the DND mode (Do not disturb mode). You also can set auto-reply to calls and messages when you are playing PUBG.   

Play PUBG on Full on Dedicated Mode ;)  

 Download Link:

  • #4: Battlegrounds Battle Buddy - PUBG Mobile Secret Map App

The app is very much useful for every PUBG Mobile player. The app has all the available data of every single gun, vehicles, consumables etc. You can know the maximum speed, hitpoint of vehicles, damage per bullet and damage per second of any guns available in the game, bullet velocity, bullet drop etc

Overall, this is a very useful app for PUBG lovers. 

 Download Link:

  • #5: Map Companion for PUBG Mobile

New maps are being seen in the game in an interval of a few months. So, every PUBG player needs this secret application. For a newly released in-game map, you can easily know the different locations of the map. 

You can easily know about vehicle spawn areas, boat spawn areas, garages, high loot location areas with the help of this particular app and choose the best comfortable destination for you. 

Download Link:

  • #6: Wallpapers for PUBG Mobile Gamers 

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You are a big fan of PUBG and play PUBG regularly then you really want to put an outstanding and cool PUBG wallpaper on your phone. 

The particular app has lots of collections of PUBG wallpapers and other gaming wallpapers. You can download these wallpapers in Full HD and in 4K resolution and set in your device. It gives your device a fresh and cool look.

The wallpaper app has auto wallpaper changer feature, which changes the wallpaper automatically in a particular time interval. You can set the time recurrence to change wallpapers automatically. The wallpaper app has more than 10000 full HD wallpaper collection.

This is one of the best Must Have App for PUBG Mobile Players.

Download Link:

  • #7: PUBG Stickers - PUBG Mobile Secret Sticker App

And the last app we have is the PUBG Stickers. The app has a lot of collection of exciting stickers of PUBG including guns like the assault rifle, submachine gun, pistol, shotgun, light machine gun, bolt action sniper, designated marksman's rifle, flare gun etc., consumables, throwables, crossbow, melee weapons, different equipment and attachments, vehicles and many other types of stickers.

When you talk about PUBG or make strategies in WhatsApp, Facebook or any other platform, your conversation is incomplete without this awesome application.

This is one of my favorite Pubg Mobile Secret App.

Download Link:

Here are 7 Must-Have applications for each PUBG Player to get the chicken dinner in pretty much every game. 

All are lightweight, user-friendly and free to use. You will not face any issues like 'ban' if you use these apps. Because I personally using these apps for more than 4 months

Hope the article "Top 7 MUST HAVE APPS for Pubg Mobile Lovers | Pubg Mobile Secrets" will help you.

If you have any questions you can comment below, we are here to help you. 
If you have any suggestion for us, please let us know :)

Which of these PUBG Mobile Secret Apps you like the most?

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