Eelo OS - All You Need To Know About Eelo OS | Eelo OS Download

Eelo OS: What is Eelo OS? How to install Eelo OS? Eelo OS release date? Eelo OS supported phones? Know everything about Eelo OS - Eelo Operating System.

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What is Eelo OS?

Eelo OS is a new mobile operating system. Eelo is trying to make a Google-free Operating System for mobile devices. Eelo is making an alluring, protection empowered and open source operating system for mobile devices. The Operating System, Eelo is developed by a global center group of experienced businessman, engineers and originators, and a developing network.

Eelo OS is a part of Android, but not using any Google apps and services provided by Google.

Meaning of Eelo

The meaning Eelo is 'your information is your information'. Eelo is a non-benefit project for a mobile operating system. Eelo, an open-source mobile operating system that does not save any data or information about the user.

Why use the Eelo OS? 

Every single day, your cute smartphone sends your every single personal data to Google server. In an experiment by 'Digital Content Next' in the year 2018 found a piece of surprising information. 

When your smartphone does not have any Google apps, your Android smartphone still to Google server more than 90 times in an hour and iOS smartphones more than 50 times per hour.
eelo os, eelo os download, eelo os rom download, eelo os release date, how to install eelo os, eelo os review
Eelo OS has a cool user interface and it is very easy to use. Unlike Android and iOS, you can manage, group, ungroup, uninstall your apps easier and faster in the Eelo OS phones. Finally, the Eelo OS does not store your any personal information into their server. Your privacy is safe now.

Every person is allowed to do what they want to do online.

Eelo OS Release Date

You can expect the Eelo operating system or the Eelo smartphones by mid-2019 or by the end of 2019. Developers are working hard to push a new update on the Eelo project.

What you are going to get in the Eelo OS Smartphones?

  • No Google Play Service in the Eelo OS 

In the Eelo OS, you will get MicroG in the place of Google Play Service. MicroG is the best free alternative of Google Play Service. It is an open source Google Play Service alternative.

But, MicroG can not provide all those useful features of Google Play Service. Whatever, MicroG is a very good Google Play Service alternative to use in your smartphone.

  • Eelo Drive in the place of Google Drive

In the Eelo OS smartphones, you are going to get the Eelo Drive in the place of Google Drive as cloud storage for storing different files and documents. 

  • Eelo Email Service

You are not going to get GMail or GoogleMail in the Eelo OS smartphones. GMail will be replaced with the Eelo mail service.

  • No Google Search Engine - Eelo Search

Eelo OS smartphones will come with the brand new search engine, that is Eelo Search. Developers are trying their best to make the search engine work like Bing, Yahoo. Their search engine can't compete with Google Search Engine for now.

  • Eelo Map

You will get the Eelo Map in the place of Google Map. All the features of the Eelo map are still unknown.

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How Does Eelo OS Works 

Before you know about the Eelo OS, you should know about the Android is an open source operating system, anybody can use its center modules to fabricate an OS any way they need. To squander minimal measure of time on doing that, efoundation made the utilization of Lineage open source operating system.

Lineage has all the necessary features, you'd need from an advanced Android operating system. The Lineage operating system additionally, as a matter of course, does not connect with Google's server.

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Merits and Demerits - Eelo OS

Merits of Eelo OS:

  • Best privacy protection.
  • Open-source operating system.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Faster.
  • Managing all apps are much easier.

Demerits of Eelo OS:

  • Absence of Google Apps and Services.
  • Eelo's play service, that is the MicroG, is not as good as Google Play Service.
  • Eelo Search is not as effective as the Google Search Engine.
  • A few application by Eelo are not user-friendly till now (under progress, may get fixed soon).
  • Slightly buggy.
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How to Download Eelo OS ROM - Install Eelo OS

To download Eelo OS, you will need to visit the official website of Eelo - EFoundation. You will able to download the beta version of Eelo OS, till they launch the final version of the operating system.

eelo os, eelo os download, eelo os rom download, eelo os release date, how to install eelo os, eelo os review

Final Words on Eelo OS

Can you imagine an Android phone without any Google apps? Where might the users go for the search engine, online drive (cloud storage), emails, maps, play service, etc.?

Well, to solve these problems, the Eelo OS comes with its own search engines, emails, own play service etc. You are not going to face any issue for these kinds of apps and services.

The Eelo OS will be best for businessmen, government officers etc. because, privacy matters.

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